Public health services


We have the necessary equipment to provide integrated Pest-Control services and we are constantly in line with developments by participating in international exhibitions and conferences.


Value and result

We work hard to achieve fast and efficient service, and to gain a high position in our professional space by using innovative techniques and products, while fighting alongside modern environmental challenges.


In the disinfestation applications, using modern and specialized methods with public health preparations, we fight and protect your space from the "annoying" visitors.

Disinfestation applications are carried out in the following ways:

  • Spraying with low pressure sprayers
  • Spray with high pressure machine
  • With Gel for blonde cockroaches
  • Εκνέφωση (Fogging)


The role of a disinfection application is the reduction to acceptable levels of the microbial load, which is achieved with modern methods and formulations approved by EOF in both home and business premises, by the experienced professional disinfectants of our company. 


It is true that we do not sleep alone in our bed! Hundreds of harmful microorganisms, invisible to the human eye, live and multiply in the mattress of our bed due to the moisture created by body heat and sweat. Also the dust, the hairs but also the dead cells of the body are the main source of CREATION and growth of mites, allergens, bacteria.

The ALKON workshop offers mattress cleaning services without having to move the mattresses, in your space, where you can supervise the cleaning process. Using modern equipment and high quality products, we offer you health and wellness in a REALLY CLEAN mattress at ABSOLUTELY FRIENDLY prices.


The implementation of an integrated rodent control program aims to combat the presence of rodents and to continuously protect the plant. A specific trapping and prevention plan is implemented when installing the system in either professional or domestic rodent control areas with reliability, experience and professionalism.

Repulsion of reptiles

A suitable granular repellent is used to repel snakes. 



Integrated services aimed at improving living conditions

viruses - germs

We protect the health of your employees and visitors with Integrated Disinfection Programs, to fight viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms.


We shield your space with the design and implementation of Targeted Protection Programs against rodents, such as rodenticides, repelling snakes and birds, etc.

Insects - Pests

We rid your plants of harmful and annoying insects, such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, wood-eaters and other harmful insects, with Integrated Control Programs.


Mattress cleaning is a process that should not be neglected

Our trained staff, experience, as well as our modern machines guarantee you the perfect cleaning of mattresses and living rooms. With respect to your property, at affordable prices we offer you a healthy sleep on a really clean mattress with high quality services! Find out about the range of services we offer for homes and workplaces.


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